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 Note! You are advised to double-check the formulation of all recipes before making any of them. Recipes using sodium or potassium hydroxide should be run through a lye calculator before use.

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Patchouli Soap

2-1/3 C Crisco

1-1/4 C Coconut Oil

1-1/4 C Olive Oil

2/3C Lye

2 C Distilled Water

1/2t Stevia

1/8 C Dried Patchouli

2 dropper fulls(Sorry, this is my way to measure) of Patchouli Oil.
Oils @100-110 and Lye/Water @95

Has a nice olive green color to it. Herbs look nice in it.  It is a small
batch, makes 17 oval bars (Pourette mold just under 3oz) and 16 ice cube tray
samples. Wendy!


Stain Sticks!
2 # lard
12 oz H2O ( low 10 oz )
4.40 oz lye
This is what I use for laundry soap & stain stics.( put into deod.
holders ). I think it's at 1 % . Recalc. for 5 -6 % for personal use.
BUT.....lots of folks can't use just lard soaps..too, drying ( ask how I
know ).  For curing laundry or stain...I wait 2 weeks..personal...4

Tallow & lard very hard white bars. Rendering...yes, you have to do it
yourself.   Have fun, Hel : ))))


Here's the best recipe I ever had and it is so versatile you can adjust
in in many ways after you get used to making soap.
Jennie's Best Soap Recipe
9 oz olive oil
5 oz coconut oil
2 oz palm oil
2.4 oz lye
5.2 oz water
.7 oz your choice of essential oils at trace
keep temps between 100 and 115 degrees.
You said you'd read books, so I'm asuming you have access to basic soap
making instructions and safty  instructions.
Happy soapin'
O Yes,  I pour this into a 6 " section of downspout and it makes 6 bars
about 1" thick
You can use anything you choose for a mold as long as it won't react with
lye, or be destroyed by high heat.
SilverMist Garden
Exploring lost arts of living naturally


Avocado Soap ...Linda Inlow, (Making Soap for Fun & Profit )

7 oz avocado oil
12 oz coconut oil
26 oz olive oil
36 oz vegetable shortening
32 oz H2O
12 oz lye

Normal soap making process ( remember shortening....temps about 115 - 125).
Run this through a lye calc. before making.

Her suggestion for colouring : add 1 - 2 oz fresh fennel , crushed (
'cause of possible mold ..I would use dried that is soaked in some of the
liquid oil first ). It becomes a very lite green w/ dark green flecks.
The addition of fennel will add a mild exfoliating agent, but no scent.
To superfat add an additional 1 - 2 oz avocado oil just prior to pouring
into molds. This will be a very gentle facial soap.
Have fun with this one ,  Hel : ))))


Makes 1 lb.     Rosemary Mint Goat's Milk Soap
24 hours in Advance:  1/2 tsp. Tea Tree EO     1/4 tsp. Rosemary EO     1/4
tsp. Lime EO

6.4 oz. Goats milk - Put in freezer till slushy.
2.4 oz. Lye

Place lye solution in ice water bath and stir till dissolved...keep in
adding more ice if necessary.

4.8 oz. Coconut Oil
1.6 oz. Palm Oil
9.6 oz. Olive Oil

Mix together when temps are 95*

1/8 tsp. Olive Green Powdered Colorant (mixed with 1 tsp. water)
        Kelp would be nice...

2 tsp. Dried and Crushed Mint - I used Spearmint

Fragrance @ trace.


Carrot Soap
Ok before I begin let me explain that I made up this recipe using some oils I had left over.
1 oz almond oil
5 oz wheat germ oil
7.5 oz grapeseed oil
12 oz coconut oil
12.5 oz olive oil
1 oz castor oil ( I warmed this and put my fo in it added at trace)
1 drop roe (which I added not thinking that the wheatgerm would be enough)
5.4 oz lye
7 oz of water
7oz of fresh carrot juice (can or frozen would work)

added the lye to 7 oz of water melted oils.  At 100 degrees I mixed lye into water and stirred with a whisk till it was well
incorporated.  I hit it with the stick for only a couple of seconds.  I then went back to stirring briskly with the whisk and slowly
added the carrot juice once again I hit it with the stick for a couple of seconds to make sure the carrot juice was well mixed.  I
continued to mix with the whisk until the first sign of trace ( I was using plumeria fo which was suppose to accelerate trace) I
then added my warmed castor oil with fo in it.  I continued to stir with the whisk and every so often hitting it with the stick for a
second or 2 till trace then poured into mold.. This is the greatest orange color I have ever seen. I used a piece of the soap today
and it is very nice..  Cherylann :)


Carrot SoapII
Hi from OH,
This carrot soap is the first batch of soap I ever made. (about 4 weeks ago,
so I'm just about ready to use it)  I just love how it looks. I used orange
eo, and I admit the scent has faded, but at the time, I didn't know any
better. I had red palm oil from the asian market, and I think that helps the
great color
10 ounces palm oil
4 ounces coconut oil
2 ounces olive oil
2 ounces lye
4 ounces water
4 ounces carrot juice

i used 2.28 ounces lye from mms lye calc for 6%
Mix in carrot juice after mixing lye water and oils. I thought the red palm
oil made for a fast trace.
I am having the best time reading all these posts (2 days behind on digest),
so much beter than laundry.
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Kay T


I used this recipe and it is a very gentle soap I added lavender eo to it.
Calendula Soap
Ingredient List:
16 ounces Calendula oil, infused-Olive oil
10 ounces Coconut oil
6 ounces Palm oil
12 ounces Water
4.6 ounces Lye
1 ounce Almond oil, Sweet

Infuse olive oil with calendula petals.  Mix lye in water.  Melt oils mix
lye into oils when temps are between 90 and 100.  Add almond oil with
calendula petals at trace, and eo's. Cherylann


Sunflower Calendula
19 oz olive oil
16 oz coconut oil
15 oz Crisco
1 oz castor at trace
19 oz distilled water
2 T honey
7.1 oz lye

I use 1 T SC Sunflower FO
and about 1/2 cup caendula petals,
pour into mold, lay saran wrap and a newspaper over the top unmold and after
25 hours cure 4-6 weeks.. I ususally also add about 1/2 cup blenderized
oatmeal too,,,
KAr Lynn


"Pound the Ground " Helen Herrick
canola : 9 oz
hemp : 7 oz
coconut : 8 oz
palm : 8 oz
H2O : 12 oz
lye : 4.56 ( 5% )

threw powdered nettles & cornsilk into the warming oils at the beginning
. about : 2 TBS each . Then crockpot snot . added  EO scent blend &
glopped into mold .

scent :
sandalwood : 3 parts
sweet fennel : 2 pts.
lemon : 2 pts.
geranium : 1 pts.

this one got thumbs up & all of the bars were snatched as soon as they
were cut . I have filed this blend as a major keeper : )


"Mine " Helen Herrick

canola : 11 oz
olive : 5 oz
coconut : 6 oz
palm kernel flakes : 8 oz
shea : 2 oz

H2O : 12 oz
lye : 4.56 (5%)

again crockpot snot & added ....1 part ..french vanilla & 1part...violet
FOs .  I hid this one , thus the name <g>


Veggie Garden recipe
24 oz Shortening
8 oz Olive oil
8 oz Canola oil
2 oz Sunflower oil
3 oz Castor oil
8.5 oz water
8.5 oz V8 Juice
5.78 oz lye

Heat oils and set to cool. Combine lye into water. Stirring until dissolved.
Let lye water cool down. When oils have cooled down, add lye water to oils
and blend. Now add the V8 juice and stir till trace.
You can add some FO, EO or herbs if you like, but I left mine plain and
Pour into molds. When it's fully cured, it will be a nice shade of peach.
Rene Abbitt
Calico Ranch Soaps & Milk  Recipes


 CPHP Emu Oil Soap (Kathy Barnett)
This soap is "ingredient heavy," but worth it. This recipe is for 100 oz. of
The batch I made was 1/4 this size, so just divide everything by 4 for a
smaller batch.
This bar is pretty hard after unmolding, but gets even harder after a few
30 oz.  Olive Oil (30%)
20 oz.  Coconut Oil (20%)
15 oz.  Palm Oil (15%)
12 oz.  Emu Oil (12%)
6 oz.   Castor Oil (6%)
5 oz.   Avocado Oil (5%)
4 oz.   Cocoa Butter (4%)
4 oz.   Shea Butter (4%)
2 oz.   Jojoba Oil (2%)
2 oz.   Sweet Almond Oil (2%)

38 oz.      Water
13.4 oz.    Lye (7% excess fat)

No scents (FO or EO) or colorants.

1. Weigh lye and water. Mix and set aside.
2. Weigh and melt hard oils in microwave. Add to pre-warmed crock.
3. Weigh and add liquid oils to crock.
4. Add lye/water to crock oils while stirring gently.
5. Bring to trace alternating between whisk and stick blender.
6. Cover and cook until done. Glop into mold.
7. Unmold and cut when cool.

If doing CP, I can't tell you temps because I made mine in the crock pot.


Mandi's Recipe
4# Crisco or other veg shortening
2# Coconut oil (sometimes I use 5# Crisco and 1# Coconut)
16 ounces water
16 ounces Goats' Milk
12 Ounces Lye
2 ounces FO or EO (or to taste)
Mix Lye and water and let cool to about 120. Heat oils to 120.
 Mix the lye/ water into the oils and stir til light trace. Add the goats' milk and FO or EO.  When this mix gets to a hard trace I our it into a mold and insulate with a towel. I wait until the next day to unmold and cut into bars.

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Patti's Cocoa Butter Soap2001 Patti Sharp (Patti in AZ)
Hi Everyone
I just LOVE the smell and feel of cocoa butter, and I have developed this
recipe that works for, mind you, you must use small molds, such as
the Milky Way Molds, because it is true, you will never be able to cut it!!
In fact, I take it out of the molds about 6 hours after pouring...they just
come right out!  This soap is very conditioning and decadent, and has lots of
fluffy lather...I don't find the bars brittle at all..just VERY hard and long
15 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. cocoa butter
1 oz. unrefined shea (can use refined, a matter of preference)
2 oz. olive oil
1/2 oz. castor oil
1/2 oz. jojoba
12 oz. distilled water
5.11 oz. lye (6 % superfat)
1 TBLS. white kaolin clay
I add the jojoba at light trace...the kaolin clay is mixed in with the oils
before mixing with lye/water mixture..the clay is optional, but I like the
feel it gives to the soap.
This soap has a wonderful cocoa butter can also use unscented
cocoa butter if desired, and fragrance of your choice...

Barbara's Shampoo Bar Recipes
I've had lots of e-mails about my s/poo bars  so I thought they could go in
the library, they are very basic but we like them.
CP Chamomile s/poo bar
20 oz sunflower oil
6 oz coconut oil
4 oz castor oil
4 oz lye
11 oz very strong chamomile tea ( with 2 sugars added) or
4 oz water (to add lye to) and 7oz very strong chamomile tea( with 2
sugars )
I don't recommend using a stick blender for this as it traces very very
quickly. I usually make in a morning and cut as soon as it is set, I don't
insulate either.


I am still experimenting with this one ie: using dried herbs/ infusions of
the herbs/ powdering the herbs/eo's.
I call this one
Strawberry Fair CP S/poo bar (no strawberrys)
20 oz corn oil
4 oz castor oil
3 oz coconut oil
3.5 oz lye
10 oz water
small handful of dried herb mix ( parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme equal
either infuse herb mix in water, or grind into powder, or as I have done
dropped as is into soap at trace, (the latter needs a good rinse after
s/pooing but is ok)
this makes a hard bar also.
Both recipes can be adapted to suit, I don't have access to shea butter etc:
but I wont buy commercial s/poos anymore.

Nigella's Milk Choc Mink
Castor oil (6.25%)= 1 ounce
Cocoa Butter (10%) = 1.6 ounce
Coconut Oil(35%)= 5.6 ounce
Jojoba(2%)= .32
Palm (10%)= 1.6 ounce
Olive(36.75)= 5.88
3ounce milk
3 ounce distilled water
1/4 teaspoon cocoa powder
.16 ounce peppermint eo
Note: The bar when finished is a nice dark tan, I wonder if it could be made
a bit darker and more choclatey looking with some other addition?
Have fun!
This is one of my best selling soaps.  This is enough to fill one 12"
long 3" pvc with a 12" loofah in it:


Lemony-Peppermint Foot Scrubby 2001 Christa Hunter
Cocoa Butter 7oz
Coconut Oil  4oz
Palm Oil     8oz
Palm Kernel 10oz
Shea Butter  5oz

Total Oils  34oz
Amount of water 11oz
Lye amount  4.7 oz
I used a 1:3:2 blend of peru balsam, peppermint, and litsea
cubeba. .6 of an ounce was plenty strong.

I used higher temps for this because it was all solid at room temperature oils (120 for the oils, 110 for the lye solution) and mixed by hand.
I soaked 2 tsp annato seeds in 2 oz water for the color (drain the
seeds and remeasure water amount before adding to the batch).
I also added 1 tbspn finely ground peppermint leaves to the oils
before I added my lye solution.
Pour at light trace.

Fuller's Earth Shaving Soap Recipe 2001 Anne-Marie
6 oz. Olive
6 oz. Coconut
6 oz. Palm
.5 oz. Shea
.5 oz. Avocado

7 oz. water
2.75 oz. lye (5% superfat) 2.8 oz. lye (3% superfat)

3 full tsp. clay

This recipe doesn't have tons of lather but it gives really nice slip for
shaving with. It's a small recipe but it makes 8 bars of soap or so =)
Happy soaping!
~for all your soaping needs~

Recipe: (Patti Sharp, Arizona)
Very Shea
12 oz. coconut oil
12 oz. shea butter
1 oz. castor oil
7 oz. water
3.64 oz. lye  ( 6 % SF )


I really like your site and would like to add my recipe to your nook for Roberta's Bestest Hardest Bar..I made this up because I wanted a hard soap that was foolproof, didn't worry about a thermometer,  that could be done hot process and make my skin happy.  This traces so fast that molds and additives have to be ready for cold process soaps.
Melt together:
 Canola Oil 5 oz
 Castor Oil (for bubbles) 5 oz.
 Cocoa Butter (happy skin) 2 oz.
 Coconut Oil 32 oz
 Olive Oil 32 oz.
 Palm Oil 28 oz
 Beeswax 2 oz.
I do not check temperatures on this mixture....when the last bit of beeswax melts, it is ready!
Mix together: 15.3 oz. lye and 40 oz. cold fluid (water, aloe vera juice, or very strong coffee - coffee for odor-beating kitchen soap)
Mix this first and when the beeswax melts in the fats, both are at the right temperature to mix together....and this stuff traces VERY FAST.  Blend nicely with your large wooden or plastic spoon or spatula....and then use a stick blender for a very few minutes....
At trace, I add 4 oz of melted shea butter for skin lovin' and then any additives if cold process.  If I am doing hot process, I don't add the shea butter until all the cooking is finished and just before I put the soap into the molds....
Remember to run any recipe through lye calculator.
This is a foolproof recipe and is great and I developed it from things I learned from other soapers.....and I want to share it with you.  Good luck....let me know how it goes for you.  I love hearing from soapers!!!  Roberta Breaune in Oklahoma
"Traditions" Hand Made Soaps and Sundries
~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

I LOVE the MWM and I use a basic recipe that does very well with the molds.
MWM Soap Recipe
32oz Olive Oil
16 oz Palm kernel oil
8 oz. Cocoa Butter
4 oz. Shea Butter
4 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
I generally use this recipe with a 5% discount, but please run this through a lye calculator to figure the water and lye amounts. I use this recipe all the time with the MWM
and it is a really nice one. I don't use coconut oil in my soap, as I get little "bumpies" on my back whenever I use coconut oil. Wouldn't say it is an "allergy" per se, but it
makes me itch. The palm kernel is a good sub in this case. Also, if you are a stickler to get your soap to go through gel phase, I recommend that you use an old picnic
type cooler...layer a layer of molds, a layer of cardboard, molds, cardboard, etc...Place the cover on and the soaps will be wonderful inside this little "heat" unit! If I make
soap at night, I can place the bars into the cooler and the next morning, they almost fall out of the molds themselves. I made some lavender bars with the 2 rabbits molds
last week and these HIGHLY-detailed soaps came out beautifully! The texture was so pretty. I must admit I was a little concerned when I first saw the inticate detailing, but
this recipe pulled through fine. I have never used this recipe and had to stick soap in the freezer.


Web Site:

MWM Recipe II
2 oz. cocoa butter
6 oz. coconut oil
10 oz. olive oil
4 oz. palm oil
2 oz. shea butter

5% excess lye amount: 3.38
water: 9 ounces (use all 9) ; ) (the 'use all 9' is in reference to HP
soap, you can discount if you're used to doing that with cp, I don't)

Karol Hovis-"I'm all out of  almost everything" soap:
Avocado 3 oz (6%)
Castor 1 oz (2%)
Coconut 14 oz (27%)
Hazelnut 3 oz (6%)
Olive 20 oz (39%)
Shea 2 oz scraped from the VERY BOTTOM of the baggie (4%)
Sunflower 8 oz (16%)
I did two batches, one in English Ivy from Bittercreek; the other in my
Tropical Vanilla Blend.
Lovely, lovely stuff. The Trop. Vanilla smells like pineapple to me, though,
lol. Hoping that some of the OTHER scents will come out later in cure.
This has a nice creamy, bubbly lather--not huge bursting bubbles, but thich
and lathery. :) Happy Soap Boogie!

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