Lotion, Cream And Lotion Bar Recipes

 Note! You are advised to double-check the formulation of all recipes before making any of them. Recipes using sodium or potassium hydroxide should be run through a lye calculator before use.

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            Janet's Hand Creme
            For a small recipe to start:
            6 TB Olive Oil
            1 TB bee's wax
            2 TB Castor Oil
            1 tsp.. lemon eo

             I melt the bee's wax and add to the olive/castor oils, put this all in
             the microwave on high 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until the
             wax is just remelted. Beat with a whisk until it gets creamy, add EO and
            beat a bit more to blend very thoroughly.
            This is actually a good base oil and you can change the EO  to any
             blend you prefer, just remember to use only 1 tsp. to the oils in this proportion.
             You can also change it to 5 TB of Olive oil and add 1 TB of Shea butter,  melted, for softening. Be creative, experiment, have fun.


             Body Butter

             1/4 cup of distilled water
            1/8 tsp of borax powder
            1/2 cup mineral oil (can replace with castor oil
            1 tsp of coconut oil
            3 Tbsp grated beeswax
            15 drops of fragrance oil
             (makes 8 oz)

             Boil water and add borax powder, stirring till dissolved. In a seperate heavy
             saucepan over low heat, add mineral oil (or castor oil) coconut and beeswax and stir
             until wax is dissolved. Once oils/beeswax mixture is melted and beeswax completely
             melted, add borax/water solution a few drops at a time while oil is in motion, either
            being stirred briskly with a wire wisk, or while the blender is engaged....if you add
            this too quickly you will not end up with a properly emulsified cream and it will want
            to seperate. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes a thick cream and has cooled
            to room temp. (about 10 min.) spoon into wide mouth jar and close.
            Expected shelf life is about *1 year to make body butter more solid, add an extra Tbs
            of beeswax.

            *note-any lotions including water have a very short shelf life. Without preservatives, you should store in the refrigerator and use up quickly.


         Lauri's Lotion Recipe
            Here is the lotion recipe I adapted from Susan Miller Cavitch's book,
            The Soapmakers's Companion. It really ended up being more like a cream ( I
            had to put it in jars).

                       10.3 oz olive oil
                         1.7 oz sweet almond oil
                          .8  oz wheat germ oil
                         1.2 oz jojoba oil
                           .5 oz shea butter
                           .5 oz castor oil
                          2.5 oz beeswax
                         .3 oz grapefruit seed extract
            Water mixture -
                        14.5 oz distilled water
                         .3 oz borax
                        .5 oz vegetable glycerin

            Heat oils and water mixture in two separate pans, bringing them
            both to 165 degrees. Avoid overheating.  Pour oil mixture into a mixing
            bowl, set electric mixer at its lowest speed, and blend. Drizzle water
            mixture into oils. Continue to blend on low speed until mixture slightly
            thickens, scraping bowl frequently. Increase mixing speed as mixture
            thickens. Stop when cream is consistency of mayonaisse. Once mixture has
            begun to cool, you can add .2 oz of essential oil or fragrance oil. beat
            again at high speed to incorporate oil.
            cavitch suggests letting the mixture rest a few hours, then beating
            again. My mixture was incredibly thick after 2 hours, so I just spooned
            it into jars. This was two weeks ago, and the cream has not separated, and
            everyone is really enjoying using it.


            Sandy's Solid Perfume Recipe

            Here is another recipe for solid perfume.  You can make a lot or a
            little with this recipe.  I usually use a teaspoon to measure.

            3 parts sweet almond or jojoba
            2 parts beeswax (white)
            1 part scent

            mix together oil and beeswax, and melt over double boiler or in a
            microwave.Add scent and pour into containers.  I use lip balm tubes or lip pots.


            Heather's  Solid Perfume Recipe:

            4 ounces of beeswax
            1/2 cup sweet almond oil
            1 tablespoon eo or fo

            Using a double boiler, melt the beeswax together with the oil.
            Remove it from the heat and add the eo, stirring slowly for about one
            minute. Then pour the mixture into glass jars and allow to become
            Shelf life is 12 to 18 months


            Lori's Hand and Body Gel

            3/4 c water
            1 tsp gelatin
            1 TBL lemon juice
            1 TBL witch hazel
            1 TBL cider vinegar
            1 TBL glycerin

            Dissolve gelatin in 1/4 c of the water.  Heat in the microwave 30 to 40
            seconds on high.  Stir in the rest of the ingredients.  Chill til set
            Feels a little sticky when you first put it on (just like Corn  Huskers!) but then goes away in a minute or so.


            Irish Moss leg gel

            1 tsp Irish Moss
            1 cup Herbal infusion made with lemon, witch hazel and comfrey root
            2 oz Vodka 100 proof

            Infuse the lemon, witch hazel and comfrey powder, let soak for a couple
            of days. Strain the liquid and add this the Irish Moss in a small pot.
            Simmer with a closed lid for 20 minutes or until the moss is soft and
            and jelly like.  Strain through cheescloth. Add the Vodka as a
            preservative. Mix together.

            To use: Massage into the legs in upward motion. Very refreshing


            Cream Perfume/Lip Gloss
            Tammy Gargano

            This base can be used as a cream perfume or lip gloss depending on what
            you add to it.

            2 Tbsp. Mineral Oil (or Castor Oil)
            1 tsp.grated beeswax
            Heat oil in small pan and add beeswax, stirring until dissolved. Remove
            from heat.
            *To make cream perfume - stir in 1/2 t. perfume oil
            *To make lip gloss - stir in 1/4 t. mica dust (sparkle) and 1/8 t.
            flavor oil (or SAFE EO
            that isn't photoxic, etc. etc...)
            Pour into a small jar or tin and let set up for 1 hour.



            Lip and Skin Butter

            20 oz.s Almond Oil
            3 3/4 oz. Beeswax
            1/2 pound Anhydrous Lanolin
            5-10 drops of a safe/nontoxic/non photo-toxic EO
            8 oz. Glycerin
            Over low heat, dissolve the lanolin in the almond oil, add the glycerin
            and stir until all three are dispersed. Add the finely-chopped beeswax,
            \stirring until just melted, add the EO, and pour the salve into
            Stir the pot frequently and pour as quickly as reasonable. If you take
            too long the lanolin and glycerin may begin to separate.



             Holli's Applejack Lotion Bars

                            2 oz. beeswax
                            2 oz. coconut oil
                            1 oz. shea butter
                            1 TB. Applejack n peel (from Sweetcakes)
                            Melt the beeswax on low heat. Add coconut and shea butter.
                            Remove from heat. Add fragrance oil. Pour into molds
                            such as old jello tins, Melt and pour molds, etc.
                            These solidify quickly and just pop out of the molds!
                            Enjoy! :)


            Winter Wonder Bar by Shannon Flood
            1 lb. beeswax,
            14 oz. fluid ounces coconut oil (melts at 76 degrees)this is the jar
            size I bought at Health Food Store
            4 oz. (weight) shea butter
            4-6 oz. fluid ounces sweet almond oil/grapeseed oil combo
            2 to 3 drops per ounce of lavender added immediately after the melted
            mixture hits the mold (stir in)
            one capsule of vitamin E per bar added with eo.

            Melt in a double boiler.  Do not pour into the molds until beeswax
            has been melted for at least 5 full minutes.  Continue to stir until
            you pour into molds.  I used egg molds, tupperware molds, yogurt cups.
            ..whatever.  This bar is extremely hard but melts well with friction
            created by rubbing your hands quickly.  Once this bar warms a bit it
            can be applied freely to rough spots on feet, elbow as well as to
            sore hands.   Don't put this into the freezer to harden it up as it
            will cause cracking and diminish eo scent potency.  Ask me how I
            I made it this way because I wanted a good protective coating on my
            skin and the high amount of beeswax seems to provide this.


            Basic Lotion Bar

            3 oz. beeswax
            3 oz. cocoa butter
            3 oz. sunflower oil (may substitute sweet almond, jojoba, etc.)
            essential oil or fragrance oil
            Melt beeswax and cocoa butter together in top of double boiler.
            When melted, add sunflower oil and stir until completely mixed.
            Stir until mixture cools slightly before adding essential oils, about
            1 teaspoon. Pour into molds and let harden.


            Basic Massage Bar

             3 oz. beeswax
             3 oz. coconut oil
             3 oz. sunflower oil
            essential oil or fragrance oil

            Follow same directions as above.


             Rose Lotion

            1 cup sweet almond oil
            1/2 cup beeswax
            3/4 cup rosewater and glycerin blended together
            1/4 teaspoon tincture of benzoin
            1/4 oz Rose Petals Fragrance Oil

            1. In a glass pan on low heat, melt the oil and wax together, stirring
            often. When the oil/wax mixture has melted, remove from the heat.

            2. Slowly blend in the rosewater/glycerin blend, while rapidly stirring
            until the mixture is evenly textured and cool.

            3. Add the tincture of benzoin, followed by the rose petal fragrance.

            Shelf life is 6 to 9 months

            Packaging Ideas:    Package in a clear glass jar, with a pink/red
            raffia tie around the lid. Attach an elegant label, with a small rose graphic.
            Heather Stevens


            Lori's Lotion Bars
            1 part beeswax
            1 part shea butter or cocoa butter
            1 part coconut oil
            Melt together in top of double boiler (or a few minutes in the microwave),
            add fragrance oil if you want--I add 1 to 2 tsp. to a 9 ounce batch.
            Pour into little soap molds and place in the freezer til set, about 20
            Pop out of molds and place in little zip lock bags.  I love these things.
            Just roll around in your hands and rub hands together.  I put on my
            hands, elbows, lips, anywhere!  Enjoy!


            Monoi Lotion Bar (soft) Holli's

            1 oz. beeswax
            2.5 oz. monoi de tahiti
            2 oz. coconut oil

            I didnt' add any fragrance because the monoi is gardenia scented. These
            are awesome!!!


            Rose Cold Cream

            1 1/2 cups rose petals
            6 Tbs. Olive Oil
            1 1/2 Tbs. beeswax
            1 tsp. distilled water

            Pick through rose petals and only use un-blemished ones. Pour olive oil into top of double boiler and turn heat to low.....slowly add rose petals stirring in gently as much as you can fit in the oil. Remove from heat, cover and leave sit to infuse for one week. Strain through a non-metallic strainer, pressing the petals against the sides to extract as much essence as possible. Melt beeswax and stir in the pre-warmed oil. Remove from heat and stir in the water a tiny amount at a time until it is the consistency you want. Jar up.


            Herbal Hand Gel

            1/2 cup un-petroleum jelly
            2 Tbs. herb of choice such as lavender flowers, etc.
            1 cup chamomile flowers

            Heat the jelly in a double boiler. Stir in flowers, as many as you can fit into the jelly. Cover and simmer over low heat gently for one hour, stirring occassionally. Remove from heat and let cool slightly, strain out the herbs using non-metallic strainer, pressing the herbs against the sides to remove oil...Pour into jars and label.


            Cleansing Cream

            6 Tbs. Sweet Almond Oil
            10 Tbs. beeswax
            3 Tbs. lavender water *see recipe below
            1/2 tsp. cider vinegar
            2 drops lavender essential oil

            Melt oil and beeswax in double boiler over low heat. Remove from heat when melted and let cool slightly, beat in the remaining ingredients. No need to refrigerate.


        Lavender Water

            2 cups lavender flowers
            2 pints boiling distilled water
            2 Tbs. vodka

            I like to use a large glass heat proof jar.....place lavender flowers into the jar or heat proof container, pour the boiling water over the flowers, stir well. Cover and let infuse for 2 days.Shake often. Strain out flowers, stir in vodka and bottle.
            Makes 2 pints.


            Lip Balm
            4 teaspoons of beeswax pellets
            1 teaspoon castor oil
            3 teaspoons Jojoba oil
            3 teaspoons sweet almond oil
            5 drops liquid stevia (more or less depending on your taste)
            20 drops flavor oil (more or less to your taste)

            Melt beeswax, add other oils and stir until all are melted.  You may have
            to reheat to get them all melted again.  Add the stevia and flavor oils and
            pour into pots or tubes.  This is a firm balm that works great in the
            tubes.  This recipe makes about 10 tubes. Denise Washburn


            "Lotion Bar for Rich People Only"
              2oz beeswax
              3oz cocoa butter
              2oz shea butter
              1oz mango butter
              3oz sweet almond oil
              3oz emu oil
              1/3 cup cornstarch
              Enjoy! Sharon

Lotion/Massage Bar
            1/2 cup melted cocoa butter
            1 and 1/2 teaspoon vitamin e oil
            1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
            18-20 drops of eo  or fragrance oil  (your choice)
            mix all ingredients. let them cool a bit, then pour into molds and
            let them harden. no need to prepare molds.
            these bars should be done in small molds(candy molds)
            the bars will remain hard and will heat up and melt with friction.
            I believe that this recipe credit goes to Marie Browning.
             Body Balm/Butter
            1 part beeswax
            1 part cocoa butter
            1 1/2 parts emu oil
            Stacy in the City of Angels

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