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 Note! You are advised to double-check the formulation of all recipes before making any of them. Recipes using sodium or potassium hydroxide should be run through a lye calculator before use.

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Non-Petroleum Jelly
1 cup oil (your choice)
1/4 cup beeswax
Melt oil and beeswax together. Pour into containers, let cool.


Herbal Soap-less Facial Wash©1999,Rebecca Erisch

 I make this regularly in a large batch which I hand out to family and friends.
 You do not have to add the benzoin-if you'd like to cut down the batch size which I'm sure you'll want to, you can store in the fridge for up to one month. PLEASE PERFORM A SKIN PATCH TEST BEFORE USING!
Just apply some of the lotion to the inner arm and wait up to 24 hours just to be careful, I wouldn't want anyone to experience an allergic reaction.
I did not label these bottles since I do not sell them- It's a great makeup remover ecspecially during the winter months when the air is so dry and the skin shrivels, ; )...
Remember to follow up with a toner to remove any leftovers clinging to your skin,not to mention it will remove any 'oiliness' if you have problem skin like
me. I personally use herbal infused witch hazel, but use anything you have! Remember, this recipe makes a very large batch so please adjust it to suit you- As always, you can make substitutions in the herbs and essential oils to better serve your needs-

 Here's your ingredient list-
 6 3/4 cup distilled water
 one handful dried calendula heads
 one handful dried whole rosemary
 2 Tbs. dried peppermint leaves
 2 Tbs. dried marshmallow root
 2 Tbs. dried rose petals
 1 pinch borax
 2 tsp. citric acid
 1 tsp. benzoin tincture if using
 1/2 cup olive oil
 1/2 cup emulsifying wax
 3 Tbs. beeswax (or candelilla wax, possibly better for the face)
 Essential oils-(I used 1/2 tsp. lavender and 1/2 tsp. pink grapefruit)

 Bring the water to a boil...remove from heat and stir in the borax. Pour
over the dried herbs in a large heatproof bowl and let infuse for 1/2 hour...strain and add the citric acid, stir.
While the herbs are infusing, melt the emulsifying wax, beeswax and
olive oil, just until the beeswax is almost melted, let melt off the heat the rest of
 the way. Let both mixtures cool until slightly warm to the touch, if the mixture
 is too warm, it will curdle.When both are the right temp, slowly add the oils to the water mixture while mixing with a stick blender (you can do this in a blender if you'd like) Continue blending until the mixture starts to cool, I walk away and come back to it, blend some more, etc. If the mixture curdles, don't fret, re-heat it until melted down and then re-mix. When cool, add the essential oils and blend some more. When it looks the right consistency, you're done!
This should be stored in the fridge and shaken  before using.
 To use, either cotton pads or a washcloth can be used, shake the bottle
well,pour some onto the applicator and wipe the face with it to remove dirt and/or makeup, rinse. Remember to follow up with a toner to remove excess oil if needed.
Oily Skin herb blend- Substitute the above herbs with this blend for acne and oily skin.

rose petals
yarrow flowers
essential oil blend-pink grapefruit/lemon/tea tree/lavender
I make a large batch, so I used approximately a hand full of all the
herbs except for comfrey, I used half the amount of comfrey.\


Herbal Soap-less Facial Wash-Cream Version©1999,Rebecca Erisch
3 cups distilled water
half handful dried calendula heads
half handful dried whole rosemary
1 tbsp dried peppermint leaves
1 tbsp dried marshmallow root
1 tbsp dried rose petals
1 tsp citric acid
1/2 tsp benzoin tincture if using
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup e wax
2 tbsp stearic acid
essential oils optional

Follow directions of recipe above. Remember to refrigerate!


This is the recipe that I get requests for the most......I do not use
preservatives in my lotions everytime, I may use benzoin tincture
occassionally if I need to, but I make lotions and creams to be used up within
2 weeks when kept in the fridge.
Don't panic if you don't have some of the ingredients, most lotion recipes can
be tweaked depending on what you have and some like to alter recipes to suit
themselves......keep the amounts of oils the same however, for example, I'm
using 8.5 ounces of oils-

 Intensive Overnight Foot Creme©1999,Rebecca Erisch

Ingredient List:
10 oz. distilled water
pinch borax (can be eliminated)

2oz. vegetable glycerin
1 oz. emulsifying wax
1 oz. mango butter
1 oz. shea butter
1 oz. coconut oil
1 oz. grapeseed oil
1 oz. jojoba
.5 oz. lanolin or approx. 1 Tbs.
1/2 oz. palm stearic

Heat water and borax together until just before boiling point and borax is
dissolved. While that is cooling, heat the rest of the ingredients together
until just melted....( I have this thing about shea and mango getting too hot,
so I add them last, after all the oils and waxes are melted and then I stir
until they melt)
Let the water mix and the oil blend cool until just warm to the
touch......slowly add the water to the oils while beating with the stick
blender or use a standing blender..beat for 1-2 minutes, scrape sides often.
Let sit for 5 minutes and beat some more...I continue doing this until it's
almost completely cooled, then mix some more before placing into containers.


Anita's Fairy Dust
1/4 c. aloe vera gel
1/2 tsp. glycerin
fairy dust (cosmetic glitter)
Mix all ingredients and it is ready to use.


Avocado Body Butter Janice Cox
1/4 cup grated cocoa butter
1 TBS. coconut oil
2 TBS. sesame oil
1 TBS. avocado
1 TbS. grated beeswax
Combine all ingredients in an ovenproof glass container.
Place the container into a 1 - 2 " H2O bath. Melt oils & wax gently.
Pour the melted mixture into a clean jar & allow to cool. Stir the cooled
Spread the butter on your body & massage into the skin. Yield : 4 oz.

Note : if, no sesame oil, sub. sweet almond, grapeseed, or apricot kernal oil.



Scoopable Lotion Bar©1999,Rebecca Erisch
4.8 oz. distilled water
pinch citric acid
Heat almost to boiling, stir until citric acid is completely dissolved,
set aside to cool.
.8 oz. cocoa butter
2.4 oz. sunflower oil
.4 oz. emulsifying wax
(fragrance or essential oils opotional)
Heat together until melted, let cool until only warm to the touch
(approx. 105-110 degrees is good).
Slowly pour the water mix into the oils while blending, stick blender
works best in my opinion. Add fragrance or essential oil if using, let
cool, blend some more, let sit until cool, blend some more and place in
containers.....if you'd like to make this a little thinner consistency,
change the amount of water and add 1-2 ounces more.
This is oily feeling when it first goes on, but soaks in quite nicely.
The original water amount version makes a very soft whipped cream like
consistency perfect for scooping out of a container.....


Karlynn's Belly Jelly
I just made the cutest thing.......it was belly jelly
6 oz mixed oils(sweet almond. apricot kernal Vitamin E)
Beeswax (about 3 tablespoons-maybe a little more)
some honey FO (just 2-3 drops)
1 oz cocoa butter
melted all together and then poured it into a small wide mouth 1/2 pint
Ball jelly jar. (its a little short wide mouth jar holds about 6-8 oz) its
called Belly Jelly for pregnant moms to be and directions are to rub into belly
twice daily...then I put in a small round basket with a bar of my no
fragrance honey bee soap and a little pot of my honey lip balm, and made
up two of those bath bags using the heat sealable tea bags and put Rose
petals, lavender buds and calendula petals inside, and laebeled for a relaxing
bath.....I'm gonna call it my "Mom-to-Bee" basket....its too cute.....


Micki's Hand & Body Mousse
For 9 - 4oz. Jars:

8.82 oz. Olive Oil
2.2 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
2.2 oz. Jojoba Oil
.75 oz. Castor Oil
.75 oz. Cocoa Butter
3.53 oz. Beeswax

15.5 oz. Distilled Water
.35 oz. Borax
.53 oz. Veg. Glycerin

1.6 tsp. Fragrance

Heat oils and water mixture in seperate pans to 160*
Put oils in mixer bowl and go round slowly while drizzeling water mixture
into it.
Continue beating slowly till begins to thicken (10-15 min)
Up the speed a notch (or two if it does'nt splash).
Continue beating and scraping sides if necessary till thicker, like medium
weight lotion.
Add fragrance and beat on med/high till lukewarm.
Pour/Spoon into jars.

This one melts quickley into your skin and is especially nice in the winter
when a heavier moisturizer is needed :)
I've got some jars from last June that are still perfect...if you are
concerned about spoilage.


Sherri's Concrete Perfume:

Beeswax  2.15oz
Grapeseed Oil       1/4 cup + 1/8 cup (I'm awful at math)
Fragrance   2T

This recipe will fill approx 15 .015oz lip balm tubes w/ a little left over.
I pour the leftovers into tin tart molds and use as samples. I sell them for
$3.50 a piece. My number one seller is Plumeria. Hope this helps


 Healing Foot Butter (Hel)

2 TBS shea butter
2 TBS coconut oil
1 TBS grated cocoa butter
1 Tbs plus 1 tsp grated beeswax
4 TBS jojoba oil
30 drops lavender EO (optional )

Makes approx. 4 oz

Super for dry, cracked and damaged skin. ( great for dancers & folks who
don't like to wear their shoes ( Miz Becky ! snickers !!! )  )


 Hot Hair Oil Treatments (Hel)

Rosemary Olive Hair Treatment
1 oz olive oil
30 drops rosemary EO

Pour into a glass bottle & shake. It's ready to use.
Makes 1 oz. ( for dry, brittle hair & flaky, itchy scalp )
NOTE : for drier hair more damaged hair sub. jojoba oil for olive. For
oilier hair replace olive with sesame.


Herbal Infused Oils
( must be started 3 - 6 weeks before they are to be used )

Sage, Rosemary, Thyme Hair OIl
1 oz dried sage
1 oz died rosemary
1 oz dried thyme
12 oz olive oil

Infuse all herbs in the olive oil. Bottle...shake....etc. for 3 - 6
Makes about 9 oz.
For all /dry hair types

Chamomille , Calendula Oil
2 oz dried chamomille blossoms
2 oz calendula blossoms
20 oz olive oil

Infuse herbs & olive as above.
Makes approx. 14 oz
For all/ dry hair types


Tammy's Light Lotion Recipe
    To 4 ozs of rosewater add 1 teaspoon of glycerin, and 1/2 teaspoon of
grapeseed oil.  Shake well each time before using.  I also add a few drops
of lavender EO.


Becky's Overworked Hands Light Lotion
This lotion is thin enough to place in a spray bottle.
1 tsp. beeswax
1 tsp. sweet almond oil
1 tsp. jojoba oil
1 1/2 tsp. cocoa butter
1/2 tsp. borax
3 Tbs. chamomile tea made with distilled water
(I used fresh wilted heads, but you can use dried, about 2Tbs. fresh to
one cup of almost boiling water, or 1 Tbs. dried, let sit for 5 minutes, strain)
10 drops lavender essential oil, or substitute with your favorite eo.

If you don't have those vegetable oils, feel free to mix and match with
what you do have, ;)
1.Heat your strained tea until hot and dissolve the borax in it.
2.Melt your oils, cocoa butter and beeswax.
3.Let both items cool until only warm, you can stick your finger in them and it's not hot.
4.Slowly add the tea mixture to the oil mixture while stirring.
5.Add your choice of essential oils or fragrance if desired. Stir, let cool
and bottle. Place in refrigerator and use as needed.


Peg's lotion recipe

1c water
1tbsp  e wax
2 tbsp  steric acid
1tbsp glycerin
1tbsp shea
1 tbsp cocobutter
1 vit e capsule ( iused the 1000 i u)
1 tbsp infused sunflower oil (herbs)
15 drops gse
1 tbsp grapeseed oil
1/4 tsp emu oil
1/4 tsp avacado oil
pinch of borax

melt waxes together in big glass cup or bowl.
melt oils together, boil water.
pour oils into waxes, stir well, add water to all and stir til cool.


Now this is a soft consistency salve, you can use whatever
oils you want for the oil amount, but I use avocado oil. Very Rich!
Becky's Avocado Body Butter©2000,Rebecca Erisch
9 ounces avocado oil
2 ounces cocoa butter
1 oz. lanolin
3 oz. beeswax
Just melt over low heat, stir to mix well and pour into containers. Softer
salves can get grainy during the summer, but don't worry if it happens, it melts on
contact with the skin, and store in the fridge if it's kept around for long, ; )


Goatmilk/Emu Hand/Elbow/Heel Cream/©Sue Kurowski

2 T beeswax, heaping
2 T emu oil
2 T palm oil
3 T almond oil
1 T apricot oil
1 C warm goats milk (canned)
36 drops of essential oil (I use a mix of equal parts lavender, mandarin, and geranium)

Melt beeswax, emu, palm apricot and almond together.  Stir frequently.  When
all are melted beat the oils gently, then begin SLOWLY addint the warm goat
milk, beating constantly.  Beat in essential oil as mixture begins to
thicken.  Spoon into jars, or Dixie cups with lids.  Can be frozen.  Must be

The first time I made this, I was absolutely in awe.  Especially when it's
really fresh, and just faintly warm, this is the most wonderful, rich,
healing cream.  I couldn't believe *I* made it.  Incidentally, tis will have
a "sweetish" milk aroma, so you may wish to choose your essential oil
accordingly.  I believe that Deena states on her site that emu is such an
excellent trans-dermal carrier, you are better off using essential
oils...why carry through what chemicals might be in the fos?  About a year
ago, I made a batch with the Key West blend (arthritis) from A Garden
Eastward.  We had a contractor working on the underside of our house at the
time...every morning he came in, went to the fridge, and slathered his hands
in the cream...said he couldn't believe the difference it made in his
arthritis.  Now he won't start his day without it.


Cuticle Balm

I make a cuticle balm in pots that sells really well. I use this recipe:
30% Shea Butter
30% Beeswax
40% Castor Oil

I then add Vit. E as a preservative at 1%. I also add Sweet Orange and Lemon
EO's. Now, if this turns out harder or softer than you were looking for you
can remelt it down and add more oil to make it softer or more shea or beeswax
to make it harder. If you add more beeswax it will have a more waxy
consistency. If you add more Shea it will have a more creamy consistency.
Just keep playing with the recipe until you get what you like! That's the
beauty of it...it can be melted down again! HTH!
Heidi the Hippie
Now & Zen Bathworks 


Here is a variation (mine) from the one by Stephanie Tourles' "The Herbal Body

Hand/nail/cuticle Butter

1 ounce beeswax
1 ounce cocoa butter
.5 ounce shea butter
2 ounces jojoba or sunflower
20 drops EO (I use a blend of carrot see, rose geranium and sandalwood, with a
touch of vetiver)

Melt beeswax in a double boiler (I use a hooked handle pyrex glass measuring cup
and just hook the handle over the side of the saucepan of water), then add cocoa
butter and shea butter.  When they are melted, turn off heat, remove from double
boiler and add jojoba, blend well. Stir until slightly cloudy and cooled some
(don't want to vaporize those EOs!), then quickly add eo blend, blend in well,
pour into container and cap immediately (to keep EOs from dissipating from heat).
Let cool.
Good for your tootsies, too.


Well, I finally hit on something I can live with.....seems to be a good blend of ingredients to really soften the skin while shaving. If you want it thinner to put in a squeezable lotion bottle, just take out 1 Tablespoon of stearic acid. Use whatever preservative you are comfortable with, I just made this yesterday so I don't have an idea of shelf life yet without any, but don't keep it in the bathroom, store in the fridge between uses,; )
Shaving Cream
2 Tbs. fractionated coconut oil(you can use whatever you'd like, I didn't want an 'oily' base)
1/4 cup stearic acid
1/4 cup aloe vera gel
1 Tbs. shea butter
1 cup distilled water
1 tsp. borax (sodium borate, not boric acid)
2 Tbs. mp soap base (you can try using cp soap grated, but I find the mp works better)

Melt the oil, stearic and shea butter.
In a separate pot, melt the soap in the water and borax until all is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in the aloe gel.
Let both mixtures cool until just warm, if either one starts to solidify, reheat until melted.
Using a stick blender, slowly add the soap base to the oil base while blending, blend for about a minute adding fragrance or eo's if desired, leave for 10 minutes or so, come back and stir some more. Let cool completely before putting into container.


        Bath Melts
Hello there, I've made bath melts and wrapped them like candies.  I package them up about 6 per package.  Here is the recipe I use:
1 part shea butter
2 parts cocoa butter
EO or FO
Melt butters then add EO or FO and pour into candy molds.  You may have to put molds in freezer if you have difficulty with releasing from molds.Kelly :o)


            More Bath Melts

            2 oz. cocoa butter

            2 oz. baking soda

            1-2 oz citric acid

            eos fos adjust to your liking

              Cuticle Balm #3

3 oz Cocoa butter
1.5 shea
 .5 sweet almond oil
fo/eo to preference


           Scent Blends for Bug-Off Lotion Bars compiled by Bonnie

            Blend #1

            10 parts lemon-scented tea tree EO (leptospermom petersonii)

            2 parts cedarwood atlas EO

            2 parts Sumatra patchouli EO

            Blend #2

            1 part peppermint EO

            2 parts patchouli EO

            4 parts tea tree EO

            4 parts pine EO

            4 parts bergamot EO   (my notes say to watch for using this EO inthe sun as it is a phototoxic EO)

            Blend #3

            1/4 ounce lemongrass EO

            1/8 ounce lavender EO

            1/2 ounce neem (oil, not an EO)

            1/16 ounce peppermint EO

            1/15 ounce thyme EO

            Blend #3 notes say add 1/8 ounce of this blend to an unscented lotion or add 1/8 ounce to 16 ounces of oils.  Use in half dilution for children age 6 to 12. For a reference as a starting point for a blend, you might like to check out AGE's Bug Off EO blend.  I have some of this somewhere. IMHO they have some neat EO blends! The above blends were taken from various websites and/or list posts,this list or others, and I didn't write down where they came from.


             Miriam's Violet Leaf Cream for Eczema

            80 grams beeswax

            350 ml. boiling water

            50 grams violet leaves and flowers, or just leaves

            2 tsp. Borax

            500 ml. olive which was previously infused with 50 grams violet leaves/flowers

            Do the usual B/B thing:Infuse the violet leaves in the boiling water; allow to steep, covered, 4hours or overnight, if possible.Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Meantime, strain the herbal water; warm it up again. Add the Borax to the herbal water, stirring well to dissolve. Have the herbal oil warm. When the wax is melted, add the oil to it. Slowly add the herbal water/borax mixture, stirring constantly. After thefirst few minutes, remove the bowl or pot it's in from the heat. Continue stirring: a stick blender does a very good job here. Whip it till you're satisfied that everything is incorporated, then pour into containers and allow to finish cooling there. I add no "goodies"; no eos, fancy oils, other herbs. My feeling is that this very simple cream is the best thing for extremely irritated skin.


            Teresa's Lotion Recipe

            I have a recipe that I would like to share with everyone!  I have been so thankful for the knowledge and advice I have received from Soapnuts over thelast 2 years.  I created this lotion, and I love it, and would just like to share with everyone. I didn't have a name, so Body Silk may change if something else hits me. Hope that someone can enjoy it!
             BODY SILK

            10 oz distilled water

            2 oz Virgin Coconut Oil

             1 oz Emulsifying Wax

             1 oz Liquid Shea (got mine from Judy at To Die For)

            1 oz jojoba

            1 oz glycerin

            .5 oz Avocado oil

            .5 oz Sweet Almond oil

            .17 oz(notice the decimal), or 4.8 grams Phenonip or Germaben II

            This is a fairly thick lotion, but works in bottles very well.  I have also made it thicker for jars, by adding about 4-5% stearic.

             Bonnie's Lip Balm Recipe

            10 gm beeswax

            10 gm butters of your choice (I use 6 gm deo cocoa butter and 4 gm shea)

            10 gm infused olive or sweet almond oil (chamomile, comfrey, lavender, whatever herbs you like)

            2 gm castor

            5 drops peppermint EO (I'm going to take this up to 8 drops the next time)


            Orange Supreme Scoopable Lotion Bar ©2001 Rebecca Erisch

            4.8 ounces distilled water

            .6 ounce cocoa butter

            .2 ounce orange peel wax

            2.4 ounce avocado oil

            .4 ounce Emulsifying Wax NF

            scent with creamsicle (orange/vanilla) whatever you do, don't decide a bit more orange wax is better, lol, you only need a titch, this will turn an off orangey color, it will get even darker if you use a discoloring vanilla, so don't let that alarm you. Typical directions, find them in the library, I'm tired of typing them out,; ) but when you use orange wax, right before you blend together the oil phase with the water phase,  give it a stir to loosen it up from the bottom of the container, it likes to sink to the bottom and stay there, it can also do some weird things when working with it, if it looks like it's not incorporating, just keep blending (stick blender or standing blender).....if it looks bizarre, walk away for a few minutes and then come back and beat it into submission, the results are worth it, : ) Don't plan on putting this into anything but a wide container you can get your hand or spatula into, it is thick!!!!


            Lip Balm contributed by Priscilla in CO

            15.68 gms. Emu oil

            15.12 Gms. Beeswax

            11.2 gms almond, hemp, etc.

            8.4 gms herb infused oil / meadowfoam seed oil

            5.6 gms. aloe butter

            Melt in microwave, pour in tubes or pots.  I usually freeze the left overs.

            Denise's Lotion Bar
            2 ounces beeswax
            1 1/2 ounces cocoabutter
            1 1/2 ounces shea butter
            2 ounces sweet almond oil
            1/2 teaspoon vitamin E
            1 tablespoon cornstarch
            1 tablespoon silk mica (if you don't have this, you
            can double the cornstarch or use arrowroot powder or
            rice flour)
            Melt gently in double boiler and pour into molds or
            containers.  This makes 9, 1/2 ounce molds or small
            lotion containers.  I pour these into the small muffin
            tins that are about an inch in diameter.

            Marian's Belly Butter
            This is a bit too thin for stick, so I put it in the 1.6 ounce double wall jars.  It's not runny by any means, but you get the idea... This makes 3 of those jars.

            20 gm beeswax
            40 gm virgin coconut oil
            10 gm cocoa butter, deodorized

            ~~ melt together in double boiler~~

            18 gm refined avocado oil
            2 gm meadowfoam seed oil
            2 gm Vitamin E

            ~~remove from heat and add~~

            32 gm refined shea butter
            1/2 tsp cornstarch

            ~~stir till blended, pour, put in freezer for 10 minutes and removed to room temp~~ I store extras in fridge

            I use the refined oils to leave only the softly scented virgin coconut oil.  You can certainly use unrefined oil for more nutrients, but my sister in particular couldn't stand the scent during her 3rd month of pregnancy.  I do not put any fragrance or essential oils in this on but you can use plain ol' cocoa butter to add a pleasing note to the coconut scent.  I personally don't like cornstarch in my butters, but this amount seems to allow for a soft finish and still let you get dressed.


            Priscilla in CO, Dry, Cracked Lips Recipe

            15.68 gms. Emu oil
            15.12 Gms. Beeswax
            11.2 gms almond, hemp, etc.
            8.4 gms herb infused oil / meadowfoam seed oil
            5.6 gms. aloe butter
            Melt in microwave, pour in tubes or pots.  I usually freeze the left overs.


Becky's "For Mom" Cream Recipe
            Here's a cream recipe that is REALLY rich- I made it for my mom after her
            radiation treatments were over to help with the burns-
            1/4-1/2 cup lemon balm, comfrey root and marshmallow root infused in sunflower
            oil, just mix them up, equal parts is fine
            1 Tbs. shea butter
            1 Tbs. mango butter
            1 oz. cocoa butter (don't ask me why that's measured in ounces, when I'm
            creating new stuff I get pretty wacky)
            1 Tbs. lanolin
            1 Tbs. aloe vera gel
            1/2 c. marshmallow decoction (marshmallow root cooked in distilled water,
            then strained)
            1/4 cup emulsifying wax

            You could add some sandalwood eo to it if you have it, or you favorite
            healing essential oils, : )

            Cat's variation on glycerine/rose lotion
            Glycerine Cream (from "An Encyclopedia of Practical information", 1889)
            3 oz. glycerine
            10 oz. mucilage of quince seeds
            5 grains cochineal powder
            1 1/2 drachms hot water
            2 1/2 drachms alcohol
            8 drops oil of rose
            30 grains gum acacia
            8 oz. water
            Rub the cochineal with the hot water gradually, then add the alcohol; then
            rub the oil of rose with the gum acacia, and gradually add the water.  With
            this mix the solution first formed; filter and add the glycerine and
            mucilage; shake well.
            This is an excellent remedy for chapped hands, roughness of the face, etc.
            When applied to the skin it imparts an agreeably soft, smooth and velvety

            Now, here is how I would make this recipe (I reduced the quantities by

            1 1/2 oz. Glycerine (avail. at the drug store or health food store)
            5 oz. Quince Seed mucilage (to prepare the quince seed mucilage, take 1 tsp.
            dried quince seeds (herb shop or health food store) and cover with 5 oz.
            distilled water.  Bring to a boil and simmer, covered for 10 minutes.  Cool
            and strain through fine muslin or cheesecloth to remove any bits of seed.
            Add additional distilled water to measure 5 oz. if needed)
            2-3 drops red food coloring, if desired
            1 1/2  tsp. strong Vodka
            4 drops Rose Absolute (or you can omit this and sub. pure rosewater for the
            8 oz. water)
            1/8 tsp. powdered Gum acacia (also known as gum arabic. This is from the
            acacia tree and can be found at health food stores and herb shops)
            4 oz. distilled Water or Rosewater (see note above)

            Rub the gum acacia with the rose absolute (if used) until smooth.  With a
            whisk or stick blender, combine the acacia gum with the distiled water or
            rosewater.  Let stand for 12 hours, stirring every now and then until
            smooth.  Add the alcohol, mix well and strain through a piece of fine muslin
            or cheesecloth.  Add the glycerine and quince seed mucilage and enough red
            food coloring to tint a pale pink (if desired).  Shake well and if too
            thick, add a bit more distilled water.  Bottle.

            This lotion doesn't contain any preservatives, so any unused portion should
            be discarded after a reasonable amount of time.

Hair & Scalp Lotion
Oils & Emulsifiers:
2 ounces E1 Multi-Base
1/2 ounce Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
1/2 ounce unrefined shea butter

8 ounces Rooibos Red Tea

6 drops liquid silk
6 drops oat protein

The Scent:
6 drops tea tree eo
6 drops cedarwood eo
6 drops patchouli eo
6 drops rosemary eo

Make the Rooibos Red Tea and cool it to 170 degrees.  Weigh out the E1 Multi-Base, VCO and shea butter into the container you will be making the lotion.  This can be made in a blender, food processor or with a stick blender.  Blend these together...slowly add one ounce of the 170 degree red tea and blend until completely smooth.  Slowly add remaining tea, blending constantly.  If you want this to be thicker...just use less of the red tea.  When it is blended together nicely, you add the liquid silk and oat protein.  Blend again and add the essential oils.  Blend until they are thoroughly blended.  Bottle and leave sit for a few hours before capping the containers.  Directions for use:  Coat hair and scalp with lotion, leave on for 30 minutes, massage scalp and rise until water runs clear.  Wash hair with shampoo of your choice.
Denise in PA