Miscellaneous Recipes IV

 Note! You are advised to double-check the formulation of all recipes before making any of them. Recipes using sodium or potassium hydroxide should be run through a lye calculator before use.

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Honey Dust
1cup cornstarch
1TBSP - 2 TBSP Vanilla Powder (available from www.sfherb.com)
1TBSP honey( I use very light colored honey- this gives it a little shimmer and a great taste)
Put the cornstarch and vanilla powder in a food processor and process on slow while very carefully drizzling the honey into it...process until there are no lumps and honey is completely incorporated...DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Edible Massage oil
1/4 cup glycerine
1/4 tsp honey
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp flavoring
mix well and bottle.  This is a water-soluble lotion that heats up when you blow on it, and is latex-friendly.  It can be used as a personal lubricant or edible massage oil.

  Edible Body Paint 

Mix 1 packet unflavored gelatin in 1/4 cup hot water. Set aside.
Separately combine: 
1/2 cup cornstarch 
1 3/4 cup hot water 
Cook over low heat until thickened.
Add gelatin mixture and 1/4 cup glycerine. Divide into small bowls and tint with food coloring and a few drops flavoring extract.  It should be noted, this will stain sheets, skin   and clothing, but is washable Sounds like fun!

Here is a recipe for Love Dust that doesn't use vanilla powder:
1/4 cup cornstarch
powdered honey to taste
few drops vanilla extract
Mix well and sift.
 I include a small feather to apply the dust with.

Homemade "Nads" #1                        
2 C sugar                       
1/4 C lemon juice                      
 1/4 C water                       
1/4 C vegetable glycerine
Cooked to softball stage, then poured into glass jelly jars. UseCAUTION!!!!! this stuff can be very hot and can burn your skin very bad(use at your own discretion, I'm not responsible for any pain or injury, :)).......it's placed either in a sink of hot water to melt or on the stove in a pan of water, powder the area first, apply thinly in the direction of hair growth, apply the cotton cloth strips and yank off in the opposite direction of hair growth. I find this personally both painful and not satisfactory, give me my shaving cream and a good razor any day, hahaha!
Before you apply it to your legs, test the temp on your hand first.

Homemade Nads Recipe#2
Juice of 1/2 a lemon.
1-cup sugar.
1/4-cup honey.
Mix the ingredients, and microwave it for 2 min., stir and microwave it for about 20-30 sec. more. Let it cool till it is warm and you can spread a THIN strip onto your skin. Make sure your skin is clean, so the oils in your skin and hair don't keep the sugar from sticking. Use a popsicle stick, or a tongue depressor to spread it on. Spread a thin strip of the mixture onto leg, covered it with a strip of cotton fabric. Rub the strip three times in the direction of the growth,then (very important) pull the skin taut, pull against the direction of hair growth. BTW, whether you pull the skin taut from the top or bottom of the strip doesn't seem to matter, just the tautness of the skin. You have to occasionally reheat the mixture for about 20 sec. in the microwave

Nail Help
  I read somewhere that soaking your nails nightly in a solution:
3 parts Olive oil
1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
will eventually harden your nails.

When Pets meet Skunks!

Another is to take a quart of peroxide, add a cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.  Wash the dog thoroughly, and then rinse and dry.  This recipe comes from Gary Bogue, a columnist in the Contra Costa Times here in northern California.  He writes all about animals, mostly pets, and he has to reprint the recipe every spring for all the sprayed dogs around here!  Oh yeah, important, don't try to store the mixture because it will build up pressure from the reaction between the peroxide and the baking soda.
Ingredients:I found this on the net HTH       Skunks? Pheww!  1 L of peroxide   3/4 cup of baking soda   A few drops of liquid soap Bathe the animal!Wendy
This is the most amazing recipe for skunk deodorizing.  It came fromthe Penn State Extension service & it really works:
2 qt.. Hydrogen Peroxide
¼ C. Baking Soda
Squirt of Dawn
Mix and use to wash dog who has been hit.  Rinse. Helen.

Toothaches folk lore remedies :
soak cotton ball into whiskey , rub onto tooth or gum(adults ONLY )

soak cotton ball with vanilla extract(adult only-alcohol)

cotton swab with a drop of clove oil (one application will normallycontrol the pain for 2-3 hours)

a few grains of cayenne pepper onto tooth and gum (hurts at first , but ,will quickly go away)

cut a FRESH leaf from an aloe plant and squeeze gel onto tooth.
Repeat as necessary.

Prepare chamomile tea and soak a cloth into the tea. Place warm cloth onto the outside of the jaw where the pain is located . Re dip cloth into warm tea as the cloth cools.

Make sage tea double strength. hold the tea in the mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing .

Incense Sticks

Disclaimer-this is the way I do it, it is not written in stone that you have to do it this way or use the same ingredients. This is for incense sticks, but the cones should be pretty much the same way.Some suppliers are Bitter Creek Candle,Tradewinds,Incense Galore for incense stick blanks, and DPG (dipropylene glycol) a cutting agent that is used to make the stick burn more evenly and use less of the expensive scent. You can use alcohol or use the fragrance oils straight.  I use DPG.
Here goes:  you need flat pans and something like a vase.          
 I use "really elegant" flat aluminum disposable cake pans, and 2liter Pepsi bottles that I cut the tops from. I stuffed wadded up toilet paper in the bottom to catch drips.  You will need a pan and bottle for each fragrance.Count out the amount of sticks you need, and place them in the flat pan.  Mix1 part f/o to 2 parts DPG, stir, then pour over the sticks.  I use for 100sticks-
 .75oz of f/o and 1.5oz of DPG.
There will be some oil left over when they are done. Some f/o's are oilier and some are so strong that you useless/more of the cutter.Roll the sticks around in the DGP, wear gloves,also, this may irritate your hands.  When the sticks look dark/moist evenly, then set aside for 24 hours. I usually roll them around at least once in the 24 hours.  After time is up, I set them right side up into the pepsi bottles to drain for another 24 hours..If they look like they are really wet on the bottom and dry on the top, I dry them upside down.  They could be sold then, but I like to dry them for another couple of days, even if they are a little damp when I take them to market, my customers want them..They would rather have too fresh, than the old dried out ones from the grocery store.
Disclaimer, the sticks will take the finish off of furniture..package them in plastic and if you are extra careful, put a sticker on every bag with the warning...paper bags suck the oils out of incense, package in plastic bags,or bath salt tubes.Thats it..Jackie in Ore

Here's my recipe for making incense sticks...  I use the rubbing alcohol from Walmart and withthe 11" sticks I get at least an hour of burn time, sometimes more...  So far the ones I did 6 months ago still have awesome scent to them also..
1 oz. fragrance oil
2 oz. rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol
100 incense sticks
Pan(s) - I use the disposable aluminum ones
Plastic wrap or plastic bags from the store.
Lay incense sticks in pan
Mix fo with rubbing alcohol and then pour over sticks.Roll sticks to make sure they are totally covered with mixture. I cover the pan with either plastic wrap or put the pan in one of the plastic grocery bags and wrap ends under to seal.
Let soak 24 hours.Remove from pan and place upright in a jar to dry.HTH,DebCountry Creations

   'Faux' E-Wax
1 oz beeswax
1 oz. anhydrous lanolin
Melt together and mix well.

Fire starter recipes: We Girl Scout leaders make fire starters all the time.  I use the cardboard egg flats I get my eggs in and dryer lint.  Occasionally, if I come across some wood chips or sawdust, I use that.  Just pack the lint in real tight,and pour melted wax over the whole mess, letting it soak in real good.  Tear them apart and store in an old coffee can or ziplock bag.  To use, just light the corner of one or two and let them do their thing.Meredith :)

Hi. a friend of mine makes firestarters, she uses potpourri, she puts that in a egg box then puts parrafin over the the stuff. She is working on using other items.  they work great. she charges.50@ or 4 for $1. they sell great up here in the mountians. hope this helpsVickie

 I do make firestarters, but for personal use not sale. You've got the right idea - what I usually use is a 3 oz. paper bathroom cup, and fill about 1/2 full of melted wax/chips mixture. Once they harden, I clip the top of the cup and fold it down, covering the top. To use, lift one of the top flaps and use it as a fuse for lighting.Usually I use wood chips, like the ones that you would use for barbeques or smokers... but have been known to use sheets of dryer lint, by laying it in a sheet in a pan and pouring the wax on top. After it completely hardens,cut with scissors. It's amazing how little you need - I cut these into an inch by two inches (roughly).Our scouts have done some experimenting to make them burn different colors -nutrisweet will burn purple/magenta, salt burns a clear yellow, copper saltsburn green. They just mixed the powders with the chips, before adding the wax. (they are very fond of fires... =8O  )I've heard that you just pour/dribble the wax onto the cones, and you can have a cup-type base for these as well. I've never done it, so can't help you there. And I've never figured up the cost, so no idea.Good luck!MaryB

Shower Gel made with Melt and Pour
If you're looking for a shower gel recipe using M&P, I've made some before.I think I melted 1 oz of M&P into 1/2 c. water and added a pinch of borax plus any color and scent/eo's you wanted.  It does have a slight tendency to seperate but it's full of lather and very nice so if you don't mind shaking the bottle every now and then...Ange

Rebecca's Room Spray:
I made a pretty simple (and cheap) room spray, but I didn't take exact measurements (though I don't think they are really necessary):
 Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Polysorbate 20
 I mixed the fragrance into the polysorbate (I would say that I used about 1/2oz of each ps-20 and frangrance oil) and then mixed that into approximatly 4oz of the isopropyl alcohol.  I know this sounds like it would smell nasty, and it does, LOL.  Only in the bottle though.  Once you spray it into the air, the alcohol immediately evaporates so all you can smell is the fragrance.  (Wait a few minutes before you go sniffing, it can kind of burn your nose).  I would never sell this, only because it does smell like rubbing alcohol in the bottle, but use it all the time around my house.  You may not even need to use polysorbate-20 since some fragrances will solubilize in alcohol.  Rebecca

 Holiday Room Spray by Mouse:
Here's a nice spray for the Holiday season.  In a spray bottle mix together:
40 drops of clove eo
30 drops of cinnamon eo
30 drops of ginger eo
20 drops of orange eo
4 fluid ounces distilled water
 Shake before use and make sure NOT to spray anywhere near your face.HTH
Hugs and Hands across the Ocean,Mouse x      <:3 )~~~

 Cat's Room Spray:
I make a Room spray/body spray/cologne splash/linen spray using the same recipe for all of them:
4 oz. grain alcohol
4 oz. distilled water
1 tsp. fragrance or essential oil
Dissolve the oils in the alcohol, slowly add the water to this.
I add 2tsp. glycerine to the cologne sprays for a fixative for the scent, as well as to add a slight moisturizing effect.If Everclear isn't available in your area, substitute a strong proofage vodka for the total 8 oz. water and alcohol in the above recipe.Cat

 Wedding Shower Favor Ideas created by Celeste Murray
Heart shaped soaps done in the wedding colors and tied up in tulle, a pretty ribbon, and a hang tag with the wedding date and names
Heart shaped bath melts
Heart shaped bath bombs
If you do embedded logs, use a heart tube mold or individual hearts in a clear base (think primal elements style www.primalelements.com ) Simple bars with a personalized label Bars embedded with wedding favors http://www.oriental.com/home.html I think WSP sells a pristine tubemold shaped like a dove and I know martinmold offers one that is shaped like a bell (gold or silver wedding bellsmaybe?) Check out http://www.utopiangarden.com/packaginggoddess/ for some exquisitepackaging http://www.reneal.com/ sells a balm that I believe they say helps you usepetals in mp.  If so, you could do soaps with rose petals in the weddingcolor (make sure the petals are organic) Sew velvet or silk pouches for whatever the favor ends up being--you could even tie these with a ribbon and a silk flower Stamp Impressions sells alphabet stamps so you could stamp soaps with the names and date
Bags of potpourri beautifully packaged with a personalized tag that celebrates the wedding

Dee's MSM Pain Relief Spray
Here's is the recipe for the MSM Pain Relief Spray©Dee Yedinak.
I use it for OA and RA pain as well as FM pain.
6 ounces boiled, distilled water
2 ounces (liquid not weight) alcohol of choice  ( I use vodka but ANY willwork)
2 tablespoons of MSM crystals
1 teaspoon glycerin (optional to help keep your skin from drying out)
Mix the MSM crystals into the hot, but not boiling water.  Add the rest of the ingredients and put into a sterile spray bottle.  Spray on affected area as often as needed.  It doesn't hurt and might help.  I follow the spray with plain emu oil.  Both MSM and emu are transdermal. For me it has relieved my pain and reduced swelling and inflammation.You can also add MSM crystals to the water phase of any lotion you make, but I advise you to NOT scent it unless you are using a therapeutic EO.  Even then, use caution.  The MSM will bring into the muscle tissue anything ON your skin or IN the lotion or cream.  I make a cream that has preservatives in it, which is a worry to me considering what the MSM does, but not so much so I want to not have my cream.  Just use caution and check what each and every ingredient you might use can do to your body before you make it up.Hugs,Dee Yedinak

Scent Papers/Incense Leaves
 You use blotter paper, cut it into any shape you want, (i.e. Leaves, hearts,rectangles, what ever) then dissolve 1 and 1/2 teaspoon potassium nitrate(saltpetre) into 1/2 cup of very warm water.  Then dip the pieces of the blotter paper into this solution untill saturated.  Lay out or hang on a line to dry.  When dry put a few drops of fragrance oil or essential oil onto the paper and smear it around then add more drops till the paper is fully coated on one side, then hang to dry again .When dry store and labled air tight containers untill ready to use.  You can write directions on the paper after they are dry, and even add a little something extra to it with the directions such as write a wish on the paper before burning it if youdesire.  Then lay the paper on a non-flammable surface, and light one corner.  As with any incense, as soon as it has caught, extinguish the flame and allow it to smolder.  Your wish will become part of the smoke which rises up to where the Gods can reach it. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know, as I would like toimprove this method if there is a way.Sandi Smith

Shaving Cream Recipes sent in by Cat
Shaving Soap (for mug)
1 cup grated unscented soap
1/4 to 1/2 cup distilled water, boiling
2 tb. melted coconut oil
3 tb. almond oil
1 tb. borax
approx. 20 drops f.o.
Dissolve soap and borax in the water, and put in blender. Add remaining ingredients and whip until fluffy. Add scent and pour into mug (I used a large coffee mug) and let harden.

Shaving Cream (Janice Cox)
1/4 cup stearic acid
2 tb. olive or almond oi
lMelt together and set aside. Separately, combine:
1 cup hot water
1 tsp. borax
2 tb. grated soap
Beat in oil/stearic acid mixture and whip until creamy.

 Emma's exfoliant.
Take one table spoon of honey
one teaspoon of salt
one dessert spoon of oatmeal
Whiz in blender to make a paste and smear onto face and body as required.Rinse off with warm water. The salt is a natural antiseptic, the honey conditions and the oatmeal absorbs facial oil.  This recipe is also allergy friendly. Good luck
Emma McIntyre.

Snowman Soup
 snowman soup is a snowman mug with hot chocolate, marshmallows, 3 hershey kisses and a candy cane. with this poem attached.
"Was told you've been real good this year.glad to hear it.With freezing weather drawing near,You'll need to warm the spirt.So here's a little Snowman Soup Complete with stirring stick.Add hot water, sip it slow.It's sure to do the trick!"

Scented Tarts
 One pound soy wax, one ounce beeswax and 1 ounce to 1.15 ounce fragrance oil.
 Add FO to cooled wax, about 120 and pour into molds. Pop out and use.
Jan S

Seval's Spritz Recipe (used as a toner)
250 mls Rose Hydrosol
150 mls Chamomile Hydrosol
50 mls witchhazel
20 mls vegetable glycerine
1ml rosehip oil (can sub with carrot seed oil)
EO of rose, chamomile and Ylang Ylang can be added but I only like to use a
1% dilution on the face.

Erika's Deodorant Blend Recipe
2 parts lemongrass
2 parts lavender
1 part patchouli
1 part tea tree
Erika's Deodorant Recipe
It is super easy! It is just like a lotion bar, just
slightly different ammounts of ingredients:
1.2 oz beeswax
.8 oz coconut oil
.4 cocoa butter
This is the same recipe as listed at Snowdrift Farms,
but put into oz instead of tablespoons. I think it
makes a very nice deodorant base, nice and smooth.

Becky's Tigger Balm Recipe©Rebecca Erisch, 1999

10 oz. coconut oil (solid, not fractionated)
2 oz. jojoba
3 oz. olive oil
3 Tbs. candelilla wax
1/2 oz. beeswax ( you can replace this with all candelilla wax if you'd
like, I was not happy with the consistency so I added some beeswax)
1 oz. cocoa butter
.5 oz. menthol crystals
10 drops peppermint eo
10 drops eucalyptus eo
10 drops naouli eo
Melt all ingredients together except for the menthol and essential oils.
Remove from heat, stir in menthol crystals, re-heat until crystals are
melted if needed. Remove from heat and let cool before stirring in the
essential oils or they will evaporate, pour into containers.
If you don't have experience in using menthol crystals, they are quite
powerful, so do wear a mask when using them and caution, you don't want
to have your head right over the bowl when mixing this item.